Baisakhi 2017

Surf Background-CS6Baisakhi is celebrated on April 13/14 every year by Sikhs and Hindus. Baisakhi marks the solar New Year and celebrates the harvest in spring. For Sikhs it is a day to honor Guru Gobind Singh and his khalsa warriors. For many it marks the sacredness of Rivers in Hindu culture. Ganges or Ganga is a sacred river that starts from Himalayas and spreads her tributaries across India and Nepal. In mythology her flow from heaven to earth was controlled by lord Shiva by holding her in his matted locks. Rudraksha the tears of Shiva that fell on earth to grow into trees and give us the sacred Rudraksha seeds have gained popularity.

Nepal variety of Rudraksha has been known for their superior quality as compared to other Rudrakshas. Is it not surprising that these trees have many holy rivers as their water source? Over the years due to increasing demand for Rudraksha, there has been rampant entry of fraudulent dealers in this market. Fakes or smaller quality of Rudraksha are being sold. Every year the collector or large beads are becoming rarer to own. Further malpractices by small traders with fakes also results in diminished faith in the actually potent and powerful Rudraksha as customers do not experience the desired results.

Rudralife is an organization that is dedicated to supplying high quality of original Rudraksha beads. The beads are lab tested and certified. Also information regarding its metaphysical healing properties is provided in accordance with Shaastras. Rudraksha are multifaceted and found in nature from 1 to 21 mukhi. Each one is assigned a deity from the Hindu pantheon. Scientifically they have magnetic fields that help the wearer of the Rudraksha experience an optimum state of balance. This year your option to celebrate Baisakhi the solar new year by buying a good quality of Rudraksha can come as a blessing to your life.

When customers show a preference for the larger, genuine collector beads automatically the demand will stop the act of plucking fruits earlier to provide smaller variety of Rudraksha. When Customers stand firm on quality, frauds are forced to exit the market. So this Baisakhi come and celebrate with us by buying our certified lab tested Rudraksha. If the Rudraksha has come as a blessing to your life your choice may come as a blessing to the trees and rivers. You can avail our free astro- numerology services with your Rudraksha.

Baisakhi is a festival of abundance that shows that harvest is complete, crops ready to sell, fairs, special thanksgiving prayers, meeting friends and festive foods. Today we would like to abundantly thank our customers for buying our energized products and sharing their positive testimonials. We invite more people to celebrate Baisakhi with us by buying a Rudraksha that is specifically meant for this occasion. So which Rudraksha is it? Is it a specific combination worn on this day that will bring you good fortune? Still can’t decide??? Log in to or call us we will guide you. Even better, visit us after calling to buy the Rudraksha and get it energized by a Vedic pundit immediately before you wear it.


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