11 Mukhi Rudraksha ( Hanuman Rudraksha/ The seed of 11th Rudra)

Hanuman JayantiHanuman was an avatar of lord Shiva who appeared to help lord Rama in the Ramayana. He was strong, intelligent and unconditionally devoted to lord Rama. When Raavana abducted Sita and imprisoned her in Lanka, Hanuman went in search of her . After crossing and leaping over the ocean he reached Lanka, found her and gave her lord Rama’s ring . He burnt half of Lanka with his tail ; wreaking havoc before returning to lord Rama. Hanuman had assisted him in finding his wife, building the bridge to reach Lanka, slaying Rakshasas, reviving Laxmana by providing Sanjeevini and ensuring that Sita is returned safely to his lord Rama. Rama dooth, Pavan Putra, Maruti and Sankatmochan were some of his names.

Raavana the lord of Lanka was blessed by Brahma and Shiva so he defeated and enslaved all the planets using them as a staircase to climb and mount his throne. It was Hanuman who freed all the planets thereby being blessed that he would be free from any ill effects of all planets including the unrelenting Saturn or Deceptive Rahu. Hanuman was a bhramhachari  ( Celibate) and a Chiranjeevi(immortal). The Hanuman Chalisa clearly states that those who recite his name will be protected from evil, negative energies and their diseases or pains would end. The tail of this Monkey faced God could bind the strongest of evil forces and thrash them into a state of hopelessness thereby thwarting every attack.

His body could handle the blow of astraas( weapons)without a scratch. His intellect could solve problems when others gave up. His knowledge and wisdom were pathbreakers. His humility was reflected in his continuous devotion to lord Rama. His gadha( mace) came as the death of any Rakshasa troubling lord Rama or his devotees. Truly Hanuman had made a place for himself in shastraas and prayers but the only place where he found his happiness was at the feet of lord Rama.

Hanuman meditated constantly on lord Rama and once when questioned what was in his heart tore his chest open to show an image of lord Rama. The eleven mukhi Rudraksha or Hanuman Rudraksha has been assigned to this unvawering devotee of lord Rama. Just like Hanuman was also called the Ekadash Rudra, this Rudraksha is fiercely protective of its wearer. The Hanuman Rudraksha is a nemesis for any negative force as per Shaastras. This divine seed has a unique lustrous energy that is very powerful just like Hanuman. It blesses the wearer with wisdom, right judgment, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life and success. Above all it protects from accidental death. The wearer becomes fearless. It also helps in meditation and removes problems during yogic practices.

So how do you wish to wear this rare Rudraksha found in nature?
Do you need to wear it on Hanuman Jayanthi or any day is good?
Will one single Hanuman Rudraksha help or do you need to combine it with another?
Just like lord Hanuman had lord Rama in his heart, do you wish to wear it with a Rama Rudraksha close to your heart?
Log into www. rudralife.com for more details or call us and we will guide you, after all what can be a more potent seed of unconditional devotion and protection??.

Jai Shri Ram
Jai Bajrangbali.


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