Importance of Festivals


India, since time immemorial has been a melting pot of religions and cultures. Each religion had its own cultural ethos and contributed to creating vibrancy amongst its followers and others in the Society. Each of these religions followed its own set of rituals which at times differed from each other, but what was common to all these religions was the festivals they celebrated and these festivals helped to bring people together and foster harmony.

Each of these festivals helped to create a spirit of celebration amongst people and helped them to bond and remain united. Festivals provided the people an opportunity to get over the struggles of daily existence and celebrate the best in life. Most of these festivals were a celebration of the five elements that went on to form the human body and helped people to understand the importance of each of these elements. It also helped people to understand the relation between each of these elements and the human beings.

Many of the festivals were dedicated to various gods, goddesses and saintly beings from different religions, and the festivals were a way of commemorating their greatness. The underlining message in all the festivals was about the victory of good over evil, stressing on the people to lead a righteous way of life.  The festivals encouraged the people to ignore the negative in the people around and embrace a positive way of life. It provided people with an opportunity to come together ignoring any ill-will that anyone may be nursing and help people to maintain peace and harmony.

The festivals also contributed to the enhancement in economic activity, as there was an increase in consumption of food, clothing and other material to maintain celebratory mood in the society. The festivals provided an opportunity for the young in the society to interact with the elderly and to gain a better understanding of the cultural values.

India, being a land of various religions had a rich tradition of celebrating different religions. While the Hindus contributed to the joy of celebration by celebrating festivals like, Holi , Raksha Bandhan, Dusshera  and Diwali, the Muslims joined in with Eid, the Christians added in with Christmas and Easter. Each of these festivals along with the festivals of the other religions ensured that people remained in a mood of continuous joy and festivity adding to the positive energy amongst the people. This ensured that people remained healthy in body and spirit, leading to peace, harmony and well – being in the society. Along with the celebrations it has been a tradition amongst Hindus to adorn Rudraksha or offering them to others during festivals as these beads are considered holy and helpful in achieving spiritual growth and attaining overall wellbeing.


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